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Types of Doors

Research says we have 18 types of doors used for construction, in timber treat we specialize in all. We would be looking and addressing the common ones in our society today, Nigeria.

Wooden doors, Flush doors, Metal doors, Glass doors, Security doors, Automated doors.

Wooden Doors

These are the common types of doors used In homes, it’s the use of wood for the creation of panels assembled as to make a door. The panel and frames are made of wood. The panel of the doors vary in size from 2 to 10 and to the customers satisfaction. To ensure this doors don’t crack with time, it’s advised you season the wood before use, Timber Treat got you covered.

The wooden door is commonly seen as a safe door because of strict use of timber, which also makes it costly. Wooden door is also one of the oldest door. Its compatible for any use if properly seasoned

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double side flush door with glass side - Timber Treat Ltd

Flush Doors

In flush doors, a solid or semi-solid or core portion is covered on both sides with plywood or face veneer. Now a days these type of doors are widely used because of good appearance, economic, ease of construction and greater durability.

Common names for them are, High Density Fibre (HDF), Medium Density Fibre (MDF), SAWDUST.

There are two types of Flushed doors:

Solid Core or Laminated Core Flush Door

  • The core part in solid core flush door consists of core strips of timber which are glued under high pressure condition. Similarly in the laminated core, battens of 25mm width are glued under high pressure.
  • These doors consists of wooden frame with stiles and rails for holding the core.
  • Finally plywood sheets or face veneer and cross-bands are glued under pressure on both side of doors.

Hollow Core and Cellular Core Flush Door

  • In this case also stiles and rails are provided for frame. But, a minimum of two intermediate rails should be provided.
  • The inner space of door consists of equally space battens of width 25mm each. Other space is called void space which does not exceed 40% of the area of door.
  • Here also face veneer and cross-bands are glued under high pressure.

It is advised these doors; High Density Fibre (HDF), Medium Density Fibre (MDF), SAWDUST examples of common flush doors are not used in damp areas like bathrooms, exterior part of the house.

Metal Doors

This is the use of metal and steel for doors. It is commonly used for security, usually on the exterior part of the house.

It’s advised it repainted annually to retain the beauty.

Glass Doors

These doors are made from glass fibre, used at beach homes. Used in the exterior part of the house or interior decoration of the house The frame and subframe could be wood or aluminum.

It’s advised the glass is cleaned monthly.

Security Doors

As the name implies these are doors created and used for security purposes, most are usually created based on orders cause of the high cost of production, It mostly known as bulletproof doors. They usually very heavy in nature.

Security doors could be;

  • Wood and thick glass fibre
  • Wood and thick steel sheet
  • Flush doors and thick glass fibre
  • Flush doors and thick steel sheet
  • Metal and thick steel sheet.
Security doors - Timber Treat Ltd

Automated Doors

With the advent of technology these doors make use of simple AI to perform. Like opening and closing of the door, auto lock, security alarm etc. They make use of card, biometrics depending on the customers.

These doors could range from all types of door.

Advantages of patronizing Timber Treat doors

  1. All woods used for wooden doors are properly seasoned
  2. Our flush doors are properly glued
  3. Our doors comes with frame, subframe and keys
  4. Delivery and installation to any part of Nigeria.

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