Wood Pressure Impregnation

Wood impregnating cylinder

Terraces, fences, playgrounds, ladders, wooden tables and chairs, claddings, tiling and other timber products are used for our needs and to create beautiful surroundings. Timber products are valued, it is desired to preserve them and to keep them in a best possible condition, but due to weather conditions and due to contact with the ground these wishes are often not meant to come true. However, there is a certain way, which will ensure the longevity of timber products. If You want long serving timber products you need pressure impregnated timber.

Timber can be impregnated easily at home, but the impregnation liquid will not penetrate through the entire timber. In order for timber to have very high resistance to humidity, fungi, sunlight, rot and termites, timber impregnated by pressure treatment should be bought.

Pressure treatment is carried out with Tanalith E preservative, which contains copper and organic biocides. This impregnator is applied in high-pressure industrial process, in which timber gains natural light green tint. Over time the timber changes color and becomes honey-brown color, until finally it becomes naturally grayish in color.

Tanalith E ensures, that timber acquires high resistance to humidity, sunlight, rot and bacteria. This preservative is used worldwide for about 20 years, so it has proved its effectiveness, longevity and benefits. It is important to mention that described preservative complies with EU directive no. 2006/139/EC. This means that it does not contain any forbidden compounds (of chromium, copper, arsenic), and that it meets the environmental and health requirements.

So, if You are considering wooden fence, terrace, playground or other wooden object installation in the open air, it would be best to use pressure treated timber. Timber impregnated by pressure treatment will ensure You the quality and You will be guaranteed, that You will be able to enjoy Your constructed wooden product for many years.

Open impregnating cylinder
Wood impregnating cylinder

The Process:

  1. Timber is placed in a chamber and all the air is pumped out. This vacuum draws water out of the timber cells.
  2. Chamber is flooded with solution of Tanalith E.
  3. Pressure is applied to force solution into timber.
  4. Excess solution is pumped out of chamber. Wood is kept under low pressure in a vacuum.
  5. When chamber is opened to atmospheric pressure, the final surface layer of Tanalith E is forced into the wood.Impregnated wood is kept stored until fully dried.

Use of impregnated woods

  1. Home and office furniture.
  2. Wooden construction such as with solution of Tanalith E.
    • Railway logs
    • Roofing logs
    • Pagodas etc
  3. Villas and Houses such as lounge tables, beach houses and tent.
  4. Agriculture such as pens, poles
  5. Transportation such as railway sleepers, flooring
  6. Engineering such as poles, bridges

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